Holiday Spirit


Santa and Mrs. Claus

“Ten minutes, everyone,” the stagehand announced.

Keefe leaned over and kissed Sirenity. His beard tickling her. “See you on stage, babe.”

Sirenity tilted her head to look up into Keefe’s eyes. “This is nerve-wracking.”

“You’ll be perfect. I know it’s been a long time since you’ve stepped onto a stage, but this is important.”

Sirenity nodded. “Every little bit helps.”

“I’ll be waiting for you at the foot of the stairs.”Keefe adjusted his hat before leaving Sirenty to finish putting her wig on.

A few seconds later, Sirenity joined Keefe. They climbed the steps and stood behind the curtain, holding hands, waiting for their cue.

As the drapes rose, Keefe looked out at the audience. What beamed back at him were bright eyes of children that needed to be taken to a land of make-believe.

“Ho, Ho, Ho,” Keefe sang out as he rubbed his belly. “Mrs. Claus, I see we have guests for dinner.”

“Yes, Santa, we do,” Mrs. Claus agreed, following alongside Santa to the front of the stage.

The theater was decorated to resemble a winter wonderland. The oversized dining table sat proud center stage and had been adorned with a sparkling centerpiece made of candy.

“Santa!” an elf skidded onto the stage. “It’s time.”

“Ah, so it is.” The grandfather clock rang out twelve chimes.

Once the grandfather clocked stopped, another elf skipped onto the stage, singing a Christmas Carol. As he sang, one by one, another elf joined him, creating a choir. The song hit its final note, and the elves danced their way into the audience jingling bells. They took the hand of happy children guiding them to join Santa and Mrs. Claus at a dining table decorated with children in mind. Each seat had a stuffed toy keeping the spot warm.

Hot chocolate filled their mugs topped with Marshmallows and sugar sprinkles. The elves went around the table, holding a plate with finger food encouraging each child to take what they wanted to eat.

Santa and Mrs. Claus sat at the head of the table and enjoyed the festive meal along with the children.

Keefe stood when he saw the children finished the last of their lunch. “Santa wants to read you a story,” he announced as he made his way to a very overstuffed chair positioned next to a Christmas tree. his velvet bag sitting on his chair.

“Gather round,” Mrs. Claus encouraged.

The excitement of the tiny feet running to find the perfect spot in front of Santa warmed both Keefe and Sirenity’s hearts.

Keefe opened his favorite Christmas story. “Twas the night before Christmas…” As he read, the children went silent. Each of them so enthralled by Santa.

These children by no fault of their own had found themselves in foster care, and Keefe and Sirenity desired to give them a holiday they would tuck away in their innocent hearts. This was by far one of the most notable roles that Sirenity ever played. She was trying to be the best Mrs. Claus that she could, ensuring to bring a day of joy and love.

Santa handed the closed book to Sirenity.“Do you have my naughty and nice list?”

“Yes, dear.” Sirenity unrolled the scroll and handed it to Keefe.

Santa reviewed the list. “Ah, I see so many children on this nice list.”

“Yes, Santa. I noticed that too.”

“It looks like I have a gift for each one of you,” Santa cheerfully shared.

Santa reached in his bag of goodies and called out a child’s name. That child excitedly ran up and sat on Santa’s lap. Keefe had memorized each child’s story. “I see you asked for a gift for your little sister.”

“Yes, Santa. She needs new shoes.” The child stared up into Santa’s eyes.

“Well, here’s your gift, and Mrs. Claus has your baby sisters present.”

Sirenity handed this child a small wrapped box. “Thank you,” the little boy said, smiling.

Keefe and Sirenity had worked with social services to see what gift each child wanted for Christmas. Their hearts were so warmed when they read each wish list. One child wanted a warm coat for her brother. As Keefe read down their wish list, he’d was amazed that the children always asked for something special for their sibling or parent.

After the last package was handed out, Keefe knew he’d do this again next year.

“Santa, the elves have the reindeer ready,” Mrs. Claus informed him as she approached with a plate of cookies. “You must have your cookies and milk before your long trip.” Sirenity gracefully walked across the stage with a plate of cookies.

Keefe took a cookie and nibble on it.  “Children, Santa must get going. I have a long trip ahead of me.” Keefe stood then grabbed his empty bag.

“Santa, let me take that and fill it for your trip,” a smiling elf offered.

“Merry Christmas,” Santa said as he waved good-bye, exiting the stage.

Sirenity stayed with the children giving them each a gingerbread cookie and milk. They were amped up on sugar and excitement. It may have been a small thing to do; however, they hoped that today the holiday spirit transported these children to a magical place if only for two hours.


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Photo by Jill Wellington